Sr UI Developer
POSITIONS | ZapCom Group-Product & IP Building|Startup Support|Product Engineering

Job Description

Experience: 5+ years




  • Expert knowledge with UI technologies like JavaScript, AngularJS, Bootstrap
  • Extensive experience with JavaScript libraries, and frameworks
  • Expert knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Expert in design patterns, safeguarding runtime code, and scaling code
  • Expert in handling Progressive Web App, Single page application, mobile responsive site
  • Experience integrating with web services (JSON)
  • Experience with website performance tuning
  • Can describe pros/cons of client-side caching, server caching, distributed caching and heap
  • Expert in handling Progressive Web App, Single page application, mobile responsive site
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment
  • Functional and Unit testing mastery
  • Easily adapts and learns new things whether it’s a new library, framework, or process
  • Support software development, enhancements, unit testing, and maintenance efforts.
  • Convert requirements into functional web pages.
  • Follow configuration management procedures.
  • Perform other technical and documentation tasks.
  • Estimate, plan and execute on projects, features, and integrations
  • Helping our clients solve challenging and complex problems.
  • Address technical challenges, providing solutions as and when required
  • Interact daily with supervisors and/or functional peer groups.
  • Expert in handling code merging process and resolving conflicts
  • Guide Junior resources in terms of Development best practices.
  • Knowledge of the current / latest trends and best practices in UI/UX design and HCI (Human Machine Interaction)
  • Should have superior soft skills in language/written communication, as well as team leadership and project management skills to communicate effectively with business decision-makers and subordinates.
  • Ready to work in the startup culture with creative problem-solving skills, open communication, and a flat hierarchy


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