Devops Engineer
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Job Description


The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for the following:

  • Will manage deployment, tracking and stability processes related to software platform
  • Work directly with the DevOps team and Senior DevOps manager to design, implement, and test system processes
  • Design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management processes
  • Test implemented designs
  • Implement product usage tracking tooling and develop meaning statistical reports from gathered data
  • Build and test automation tools for product provisioning
  • Manage product build and deployment process, working with the Release Engineer to ensure deployments are completed successfully
  • Work with the Release Engineer to automate and control code deployments
  • Monitor system performance metrics and develop ways to improve
  • Provide recommendation and implement changes to ensure systems and operate at peak effective levels
  • Provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
  • Brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improvement development delivery and system performance
  • Consult with peers for feedback during testing stages
  • Build, maintain, and monitor configuration standards
  • Implement and manage CI and CD tools with team
  • Improve infrastructure development and application development processes
  • Play a role in managing Azure environment, and prepare for migration of internal data centers to Azure in the future
  • Follow all best practices and procedures as established by company


The Devops Engineer must have the following skills:

  • Previous experience with software development, infrastructure development, or development and operations
  • Experience with Azure and internal data center infrastructures, database SQL (MS SQL), CI/CD tools, scripting such as JavaScript, .NET, Agile workflow methodologies
  • Proven proficiency with IIS, network technologies, virtual server environments, and load balancing
  • Up-to-date on latest industry trends; able to articulate trends and potential clearly and confidently
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management
  • Two or more years managing and working on projects in an Azure environment, with specific focus on server and service provisioning
  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently


The Devops Engineer must meet the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree in related field plus 5 year relevant experience.
  • Five years previous experience in development and operations, or related IT, computer, or operations field
  • Knowledge of cloud-based software technology landscapes and DevOps ecosystems.
  • Agile software development experience that enables shorter development iterations, fast feedback loops, and the quick deployment of problem-free code.
  • Experience working across cross-functional teams
  • Familiar with container and Hyperscale technologies such as Azure.
  • Knowledge of core products and business drivers for each.

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