Python Web API Developer
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Job Description

Python Web API Developer

You'll get to be part of get a chance to build large-scale infrastructure and distributed system from the ground up. You will have an opportunity to imagine and build ML infrastructure. You will be an important member of our organization, collaborating on a daily basis with a highly skilled group of engineers working on Building WebAPI leveraging Python on top of our Python Machine Learning (ML)engine.


Experience: 2-5 years


Duties & Responsibilities


Work closely with Core ML engineers and UI developpers to design build and deploy WebAPI using Python frameworks. Need to build highly performant web api with monitoring and management capabilities. Leverage Google Cloud Platform to deploy all the web api with ability to scale in cost effective manner.


Skills and Competencies:


  • Ability to code in Python leveraging webapi frameworks such as falcon and Django
  • Experience in packaging Python projects with right libraries
  • Experience with Gunicorn, Apache and Nginx
  • Experience with CI/CD processes
  • Experience with unit testing Python using one of the popular frameworks
  • Experience in Python ML libraries such as PyTorch or Tensorflow is a huge plus.
  • Think pragmatically to stay ahead of scheduled delivery
  • Experience in retail industry is a huge plus.
  • High attention to detail to maintain design integrity throughout the implementation process
  • Experience with HTTP caching using proxies and CDN is a huge plus
  • Ability to code effective and efficient ReST API with scalability mind set


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