UI Developer with 3D
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Job Description

UI Developer with 3D rendering skills

You'll get a chance to visualize large-scale 3D interactive models leveraging your web infrastructure skills from the ground up. You will have an opportunity to pour life into a strong Machine learning engine that’s build with innovative vision.


Duties & Responsibilities

Build a responsive interactive website with 3D rendering techniques. Build highly performant playful widgets by leveraging GPU. Work creatively to leverage UX designs into working website with 3D rendering widgets with constantly improving performance.


Skills and Competencies:


  • Ability to hand-code elegantly efficient HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Advanced JavaScript knowledge.
  • Experience using and writing templates (Handlebars, etc).
  • Experience in 3D and 2D rendering frameworks using WebGL with understaning of OpenGL
  • Experience with frameworks like three.js, unity and passionate for 3D graphics
  • Experience with Typescript, React and related frontend apps.
  • Familiar with Protobuf, RestAPI (SwaggerIO)
  • Understanding of mathematical foundations of computer graphics and UI data visualizations•
  • Knowledge of browser developer tools.


Comfortable with package managers/build systems such as NPM, Gulp, or Grunt.
Extensive experience debugging cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility issues.
High attention to detail to maintain design integrity throughout the build process.
Ability to implement well-structured Sass for maximum CSS maintainability.
Adherence to W3C standards and specifications.
Proficiency in version control systems such as Git (Subversion experience a plus)
General proficiency in Photoshop.
Experience with Restful API and knowledge of Pythion frameworks is a plus



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