Shaping your path-breaking ideas into innovative software

We excel in developing high performing software products and platforms, Giving wings to your revolutionary ideas. Convert them to an engaging, inspiring and transforming user experience.


ZapCom builds complex software solutions on cloud or migrate the legacy ones

Big Data

For customers, our big data solutions mean faster, easier, simple and actionable insights

Mobile Apps

Our solutions help enterprises adopt mobile as a new channel to engage their customers

Digital Transformation to Empower Customers

Technology advancement has put customers in control of their interactions with businesses.
Enterprises wanting to know and delight their customers, have to realign and invest with focus on providing exceptional customer experience.

With extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, ZapCom is strategically placed to help clients deliver better products, services and business processes through Disruptive Technologies, Insights & Processes.

Architecting Cloud-Aware Applications

With cloud computing, applications are built differently, run differently, and consumed differently. These differences require new modes of thinking and an understanding of the design patterns that achieve the best results.
P2V approach of deploying a multi-tier application on a cloud infrastructure prevents applications from taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the cloud.

ZapCom can assist you in creating applications resilient to failure & latency, secure, location independent and elastically scalable, with service composability.

Customer insights through Predictive Analytics

Segmenting customers is not enough. You have to micro-target to engage them deeper.
Chances of making a successful transaction is much higher when you are able to create a customized offering by predicting what a specific customer would prefer in a particular context, based on consumer data and past behaviours to identify the interests of that individual.

ZapCom's Predictive Analytics Framework based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies can help to establish relationships between users and their choice criteria based on similar contexts in the past.

Creating exceptional Mobile Apps

Deciding the right architecture and UI for your Enterprise Mobile Apps can impact cost, usability, reliability & adoption.
There is no 'one-size-fits-all' architecture to solve all mobile problems. Decision about right architecture depends a number of factors like user profile, required features and range of devices to be supported.

After considering relevant factors, ZapCom help you choose Native, Hybrid or Web architecture for your mobile apps and advice on the platforms & tools to invest in.
We can create high performing, stable, aesthetically appealing, easy to use apps that exploit full capabilities of smart mobile devices.

We do things differently

To make sure you get "more bang for your buck"

Radical Performance
Radical Performance

ZapCom will help you achieve IT objectives & performance targets through our Architecture Realization, Solution, Database & Performance Engineering services spearheaded by seasoned technologists.

Reducing Complexity
Reducing Complexity

Addition of new features to your product could make it more complex because of combinatorial of different legacies of technologies. We analyze such complexities to identify root causes and effect resolutions.

CoE driven Innovations
CoE driven Innovations

Centre of Excellences (CoEs) are our way of mastering tomorrow’s technologies. CoEs actively learn technologies & trends, innovate through trial & error, define best practices, create reusable libraries & develop in-house skills.

Advocating Open Source
Advocating Open Source

Analysts are equivocal that open source software is increasingly ubiquitous as enterprises and startups look to trim software costs. Other benefits are innovativeness, integration flexibility, community support & exit easiness. We help you adopt right tools & technologies.

Travel & Hospitality Pundits
Travel & Hospitality Pundits

That's our sweet spot; a team with deep domain experience in online B2B and B2C travel business, GDS, CRS & destination activities. We have demonstrated capabilities in leveraging latest technology trends to help travel & hospitality companies.

Process Efficiency to Effectiveness
Process Efficiency to Effectiveness

ZapCom has successfully delivered many projects in Agile/Scrum methodology. We further improve delivery efficiency through DevOps and Testing Automation.